New look/ summertime

Hi guys, I’m so sorry I haven’t been writing since a while. I had my head wrapped up in books and so much was going on at work. But i’m happy to say it’s over now, I’m officially a hairstylist!!! How crazy is that?! After all this years of hard work as an apprentice, it finally came through.

Hope you guys are enjoying this beautiful summer. Here in Switzerland it’s the warmest it has ever been and I’m loving it.

As you may know, I am not a trend follower. I like being different. I do get inspiration from certain trend but it ends there.

Recently I got myself white braides. It’s something I wanted to do since quite some time now and finally got the possible to. I think this is one of my favorite hairstyles so far. I love my sisters faux locks as well, it’s so different and stylish maybe that’s going to be my next hairstyle, we’ll see.

My advise to you guys it to have fun with your looks, dare and explore.

Check out some of my summer looks. 

Tell me what you think. 


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